Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Sadly all my dolls houses need dusting! They need a complete spring clean!so does the real house!
I'll post more pics asap.

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Monday, October 7, 2013

For all miniature artists, this is the ultimate miniature site.
 almost overwhelmng!

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Princess wedding

I watched the wedding of Cate Middleton to Prince William and was tempted to make a copy of the wedding dress in 1:12. Have been too busy so far, but maybe I will get around to it. I do have amulti pattern I made and promoted some time ago. It was interesting how commoner Cate is now called Catherine and wore her ancestors clan heraldry in her earrings.
She started out as a commoner, and now history is being re-written.

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Friday, March 4, 2011

posting a few more pics.

I'm just posting a few more pics. I love doing miniature photography and the dolls house settings give such scope for creativity.
I knowit's an escape.. but heck.. it's a great escape!

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Friday, January 28, 2011

Great finds at charity shops

I read with interest posts on some of the yahoo miniature groups, and thought I should share a recent find.
This one was at a charity shop..It was a medium sized glass jar with a thick dome lid, and inside you could see a fridge magnet of a little girl, perched against a craft- made fence of paddle pop sticks.. There was a ceramic dog at her feet and some grass, as well as some tiny white pebbles.
I paid $3.00 for it, and I could see that the salesperson thought it was a heap of junk..but to me the girl and the fence were perfect for my miniature garden - real tiny plants and walkway - growing in a fish tank, about 18 inches by 12. The ceramic cocker spaniel dog was of good quality and I knew I could use the white pebbles in a future zen garden, and of course the jar, when washed was used for storage in my kitchen!

I'm including here some photos of the mini garden. I've had to weed it recently because it's summer here in Australia and the tiny plants have been growing madly.

Enjoy your hobby and relax in your miniature space.

kind regards, Mega

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dolls garden plants

If you double click on the image it will take you to the picasa album.

Do what you enjoy and Enjoy what you do!
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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I've been making potatoes- art and imagination!

When Lloyd came over recently he asked what have I been doing?
He didn't mean work (accounting, share trading, writing technical documents, and constant internet learning)

He meant in the miniature world of models, doll making, film making, photos and everything creative associated with that..

I had some smirks on the kitchen bench, two future duck ponds made from paint and glue, and some straw baskets with tiny handles. These were made from the straw from a recycled straw hat, cut and glued onto wood shingles. 3cms by 1.5 cms. (about 1 1/2 inches by 3/4 inch)
One straw basket was filled with fimo fruit. Carrots, cabbage, and other vegetables.

There was also a plate of fried eggs, which I explained needed a touch of yellow nail polish because the yokes were too orangey..

But what I wanted to show him was the fimo potatoes. Tiny, cut in pieces with skin on, and placed in a miniature bronzed baking tray. He seemed to approve of them. He is a bit of a perfectionist.
You can see how to make these potatoes in the video bar right at the bottom of the page.
It's worth watching. Enjoy what you do, and do what you enjoy!
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Sunday, April 11, 2010

tips on how to make miniature food

Recently I have seen some great works of art made from icing.
Tiny people and even ginger bread houses, as well as beautifully decorated patty cakes.
But, I can't bear to eat them, (therefore destroy them), and of course they are no good as decoration, because they will become an attraction for insects and even mice

It is so easy to make miniature food in plaster filler, which has the same consistency and can be coloured with food coloring.
Plaster filler is available at hardware shops, is cheap and you can either mix your own or buy it ready mixed.
It is cheaper then FIMO or DAS, and is slightly thinner, so it can be piped and painted with water colours.

So have a go at making some miniature patty cakes for you miniature dolls!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Join our yahoo group for free mini competitions!

go to


Read about our photo comp details there.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Inside Elgin Park

Elgin Park is a virtual village create by Michael Paul Smith in the USA. He photographs his 1:24 model cars against a photo background. He has had more than 10 million hits on flickr.com Here is an article about him.


this is his original site,
http://www.flickr.com/photos/ go to 24796741 at N05/
and the above article is about Michael's model village called Elgin park, which he creates in his tiny packed apartment in Winchester, Mass. USA

Miniatures are a wonderful, absorbing interest and Photography and the internet means we can share our creativity.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

back to dolls..

I made a leopard 3 piece sofa set with rug and doll. This setting is an original and I dont think you'll see another anywhere else. It has it's own rug and leopard dressed doll. The doll is for sale seperately at $29.00 usd free postage to us, canada and uk.
here's a pic of a leopard dressed doll. I made 4 only. They are 2.5 inches or approx 7 cms. They all wear a leopard hat and their faces are individual.

here's a picture of stonehenge smirky smirks

Because a smirky smirk is made of 3 components ( a squashed round body (or squarish) with two legs). They seemed to naturally lend themselves to look like stonehenge. No doubt in their evolution they will become more sophisticated.. more elegant. more socially acceptable.
But right now , Smirky smirks are still in miniature and somewhat restricted by their basic form... They have a job to do.. and that is to make me smile.. I hope they make you smile too. these are all in 1:12 scale

BUT they are great little actors, and respond so well to photography!

We've been playing with ideas.!

Creativity begins with a blank page. Ideas don't always materialize straight away.

For me, creativity is often sparked by an idea, a picture, a natural object.
Recently I saw a tv program on "close the gap" which is a philanthropic organisation dedicated to helping close the poverty gap between aboriginal and white societies.
It had some big sporting names and heaps of public servants irrelevant white paper pages. I nearly gave up.

BUT THEN I saw their Schaffers. so what is a schaffer? it is a squashed round wood object with two legs. A South Australian company called screamdance.com created a competition for artists to make a group of schaffers for an art exhibition and for sale to help the close the gap cause.

They held their first sale last June.

So I started playing and created Smirks .. who are very smirky. "smirky smirks" they make you smile. they are made of clay or sawdust and glue, or wood ...whatever ..

a similar flattened ball with legs.

They spark the imagination. and ignite creativity. and these could create quite a cash cow for a deserving charity. So here are some of my Smirky Smirks. Here' a few pics.

contact me for fundraising ideas.
(Smirky Smirks are copyright 2010 to M A Sampson Australia 61 2 42 285774)

Monday, March 1, 2010

Someone asked me about the Photos

A friend asked me about the backgrounds used in the photos.
The DollYogue bridal photos were all my original art work. for example, Doll Renee rides her black horse at the seaside.. The background is a painting of mine and it works well. I could have used a photo of the shore, but I preferred the painting.
Other times I used a little "stage" where I positioned the dolls as if they were in a photographic studio.
In the slideshow of the Doll Tate art gallery, all the mini paintings are my work and the sculptures are my own work too.
Some of the dolls have been repainted to represent the real children, while others have been molded by me. In the slideshow way down, are Aprils doll photos. I painted all these reproduction dolls.(except the french one), as well as the mini food and clothing. You are looking at collections which I have added to and created over a period of 25 years..

Time flies and sometimes things go wrong!

I wanted to enter the Cannes film festival with a short film, but everything has conspired to stop me. Work beckoned with financial rewards that I couldn't refuse, but with deadlines. It was full pelt for over 3 weeks, and continues. Working from a home office, and being my own master and my own slave! I write technical documents which meet international quality standards, which is much like housework..no one notices unless it's not done, or you fail an inspection.
My eyesight has numerous problems and I paid with painful eyes.
Then computer and technical difficulties and mistakes caused a few " Gosh, Darn, and even Blankety Hecks!" So now I have to stop.

I am relaxing, de-stressing and writing about my latest projects. My miniature original book collection - DollYogue magazine - summer Bridal edition. ($5.00 US digital PDF or $7.00 posted in real magazine format 2.5 cms x 3 cms or 1" x 1.25")

Real Izzabella (now 13) has been designing some fashion garments for a Dollshousedolls original paper doll..and real Lloyd (now 19) is fine tuning the pics and creating a nice ready to print doll and clothes. ($5.00 USD) I'll put up some interim pics.
Real Katie made a short visit from England, and she said "I am so thrilled to be on the cover of DollYogue- it's such a cute magazine". Real Renee didn't like her bridal photos, but she was pleased with her mini alter ego -Doll Renee, as a bridesmaid, riding a black horse on the sea shore... I have also created a Mega multi pattern for bridal outfits to suit a dollshouse 1:12 -5" miniature doll. It contains 4 bodices, 4 skirts, 4 sleeves, train, headband, donut frills, V belt, etc etc. you can enlarge it on the printer for a bigger doll. PDF file. Same price $5.00 USD.
Thanks for looking and enjoy your hobbies and interests.

Friday, January 22, 2010

I've decided that it's always Christmas at my dolls house (s). Christmas has already come and gone, and I didn't really "play" with my Dolls house much. I did clean the Christmas room, and I dusted with a beauty brush and took more Photos.
Like other Doll people, I realise that I get the biggest buzz from taking the photos.. so I will put up a few more. Unfortunately the "film" is lagging behind for lack of motivation.

I've also toyed with making a DollVogue Summer Bride magazine.
If anyone is interested in purchasing this 8 page E book, with the special mini page ready to fold into a mini book, let me know. Here is a picture of the cover, and a glimpse of the contents.
A free pattern is included and it can be modified to another scale.
Designing a Bridal outfit for your doll - deciding on the era from Tudor to Modern, Making miniature garments, Modifying a basic pattern, Making a special dress to drape on the bed and Making a simple veil/hat and flower garland.

$5.00 USD

Enjoy what you do and do what you enjoy!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

free tutorials

Miniature makers share. A great site with free tutorials is http://community.webshots.com/user/theshedroof/profile
Keith has had over 256,000 views and has some terrific creative ideas.
His Tudor room is not just to scale but exactly to the period.
If you want ot know how to make chain mail (from non slip safety mats) , or distressed timber beams (he uses a potatoe peeler) have a look there..

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

How to make - wigs and mini pictures and Peg dolls

Someone asked about making wigs or hair for dolls. I have posted a picture of ringlets. These can be curly or not and can be tied back or put into plaits. I think it's best to glue the hair onto a coin size piece of fabric, rather than onto the doll. You can have fun changing the wigs, and photographing them in different colours and styles.
One tip I'd like to pass on, is to buy your stamps at the post office with the serrated surrounds not overprinted. A quick glance at the sticky serrated surrounds to the stamps, will show if there is any colour on them. When you remove the stamps, keep the surrounds and use them as mini picture mounts for your dolls house pictures. you can either paint a picture, cut out a tiny image from a magazine or print an image at a reduced %.. (about 10% works well).

You can also scan an image and print it onto a clear transparent label film. (The pack says to use it to make jam labels.) This will create a leadlight or stained glass appearance. When you place the sticker on the glass window, make sure you position it correctly! Draw a level line first in pencil.
I been enjoying making some peg dolls. (Another diversion from share trading, accountancy, housework and DVD editing!) I wanted to do some for the Xmas tree and the dolls house(s).

I found if you drill a hole at the armpit, and insert a piece of pipecleaner for arms, they look so much better. (all girls have a power drill, don't they?) You can buy the pipecleaners in various colours at craft and cheap dollar shops. Make sure you make a bend at the doll elbow and match the pipecleaner colour to the dress. Slightly longer arms are best, because they can be raised overhead or can carry a posie or basket. Use Nail polish to paint the edges of the fabric to avoid fraying, and craft glue to attach bows and pearl necklaces!
Don't forget to sign your peg dolls with your name and year. One day they might be an heirloom or a collectible. Someone will want to know who made them.
I also made two Raggy dolls, pictured above on the armchair. I made the heads in fimo and baked them in the microwave. They have raggy elasticated arms and legs. I have some video of my real dolls (children), playing with an 18" (50 cm) doll with two faces. The legs and arms are elastised, so I made these two as 1:12 size. I cut off some of the fabric on the big doll to make the bodies, so they will look very similar. One day I will make the video sequence linking both.
I've done some more of the cooking video with my actors. Sometimes it's like mission impossible to get a few minutes of usable footage, but I'm getting there! I'm trying to link the real children and the dolls -cooking and having fun!
Enjoy what you do, and you will be happy!- at least some of the time!
Hobbies might be an escape, but they do rest the mind.
In today's world, our minds do need some recreation and rest.
kind regards,

Monday, October 19, 2009

Some people ask me where do I purchase the furniture

Some people ask me where do I purchase the furniture and miniature items. I don't intend to promote or support individual businesses but I can say the kitchen furniture, the tv console and sound, the dinner set of knives and forks and pink serviettes etc etc were purchased on EBay from Eurekaonlinestore. at Ebay.com.au
I have purchased from other sellers, but Eureka have given great service and when I compare their products with comparable products in the US they are so much cheaper. I ask for combined postage and that helps to reduce the price.
I also source op shops (charity shops) and make many of the pieces myself.
I made some blocks of chocolate nested in a piece of gold paper, and was quite delighted when one of my Daughters asked where didi I buy it... (see pics at side)
At the moment the editing of the DVD is behind schedule, so I have decided to re- edit to mini segments, very short pieces 2.5-4 mins long. you can see some of my shorts on you tube, under the name of Megamoneybox. There I have a range of good and not so good. I'm called Megamoneybox because I am a small share trader trying to raise the funds to create my artistic work.
You can get the occasional free share tip on my other blog at http://megamoneybox.blogspot.com/
You can earn money to buy things... (even in these tough economic times.)

Friday, September 18, 2009

re making miniature food

I have some little videos on youtube.com as channel megamoneybox. some with dolls.
I also put up my favourite 2 min video on http://www.webshots.com as dollshousedolls.
I think you can go direct via http://community.webshots.com/user/dollshousedolls or to the video at http://entertainment.webshots.com/album/571141908XzuhhN

Food is easy to make.. the key is getting the shape right. I use fimo or das . (you could even make a home made play doh, but if it is food based, then insects might eat it!)I paint it with acrylic paints AND touch up with nail polish..clear where I want a sheen, or red/watermelon pink where it suits. This food may need some touch up.... the blue plates I used are the plastic inserts from inside a coco cola bottle. Some bottles have clear inserts and they are better.. you have to seek out some alchohol bottle caps to find them. I'm not a drinker and people think it strange when I want the bottle caps or tops... scroll down for a picture of bacon and meat.. you use craft glue, smear it onto a piece of plastic and when hard, peel off and paint with nail polish... (if the nail polish is old and thick, simply add some nail polish remover to thin it down) Just remember, your first efforts might not be marvellous, but the more you do , the better the result. Be kind to yourself.. it doesn't have to be perfect! I'm putting up a few more pictures of food. I like making boxes and little calico bags of flour etc...

Saturday, August 8, 2009

More progress - a closer peek

Yesterday, I purchased a lovely miniature Japanese doll on a round music box, and 3 barbies.
The Japanese doll has a beautiful face, and is the perfect dolls house size. When I removed it from the music box, it was found to have legs made of used paper with Japanese writing, and the music box has a Japanese tune.
Two of the Barbies were made in 1966 and one male Barbie dated 1968.. all for less than $10.00 . Now what to make as a theme story.. any ideas?
I am not a Barbie or Doll collector, but when I see them virtually thrown out, I feel I want to rescue them. Not to mention that they look like the ones my children had!
Rose rang yesterday and said she had a box of Polly Pocket stuff donated to the club 2 days ago and it had 64 pairs of tiny shoes and 14 odds!. I bought it all, and it included 33 dolls, a hotel, 2 cars, 150 garments, plus furniture and odds. Furniture the size to fit into the white teapot, shown on the DollTate Modern art Gallery video (link on the side column) ..even a chaise lounge... The teapot is another story waiting in the wings. When I looked in K mart at the Polly Pocket stuff it was about $10.00 a dressed doll, so all this was a real bargain. .there was even a tiny wee video camera..which I coloured black with a texta (or black marker.) and it looks great. You can use textas and coloured pens to dye lace, bags, shoes and mini food. etc.
I've spent the last two weeks editing a http://www.permaculturevisions.com/ tape. (my real partnership work place- which includes tax accty and share trading. go to the blog http://megamoneybox.blogspot/ and http://richkidspoorkids.blogspot.com/ for free tips)
The tape was 90 mins of noisy footage edited down to 35 mins, then not being able to save it.
I then cut it into 6 mins on worm farms and was able to get it up on to http://www.youtube.com/ , not a bad effort for a ten year old bit of video.
You can see it and the other ones with Lloyd, Renee and Izzy with Gordon the Gardener, learning about worms. The dolls even have a short video on their experience with worm farms. We've also been working on the cooking video but it's not for show yet.
go to www.youtube.com/megamoneybox. (I was practising on Permaculturevisions videos, so I can use the test stuff later.) I had many problems ranging from the editing to saving with not enough memory, to exporting in a format which then had to be converted on the other computer. There were about 20 choices, and I had to sort out which one would work and give the best result for a mix of SVHS and Digital HD video. It felt like I had exhausted my mind, so I left it all for a few days, then I found the video player was getting the videos stuck!!!
(I haven't quite lost my marbles yet, but they are certainly getting muddled up! )
Today I had major computer breakdown and lost all start, desktop and linkages, on my main Dell computer (my own fault for stopping a restore process) luckily I found my way partly out and my son in law, Paul, advised me over the phone. I almost forgot to mention I made a blog for the Wollongong dolls club.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

The dolls in their kitchen- Everyone wants some!

The Renee doll had eaten the last of the DJ's chocolates. The other dolls were not happy! Neither was Renee! Sean doll (her brother) wanted some too. You can imagine the kitchen squabble, with Renee doll protesting that there was only one left, and she ate it. They were her chocolates..Nanny doll, (Granny doll ) had given them to her on her birthday!
see slide show on the right
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Monday, April 20, 2009

Our Dolls at Dolls house dolls have been busy

We've completed the first draft of a 2 minute movie called
"Dolls visit the DollTate modern art gallery".
The idea came about when my eldest daughter April, and grandson Lloyd, reminded me of our visit to the Tate modern Art Gallery in England in 2004. I had been quite excited by the exposure to new ideas and "thinking outside of the box". I was also very impressed by similar artworks in Paris. Prior to that, I had probably been less than appreciative of modern art and it's influence on how we see the world.

This experimental draft movie was made from several hundred still photos using Picasa 3- a free program. (you should download and try it!)
The movie shows the dolls visiting the DollTATe modern art gallery and viewing rooms containing some of the images of the Blob Body, some artefact's and paintings. (all original works by Megan A Sampson)
The Doll Nanny has her own paintings and sculptures on exhibit and there are also some of the dolls paintings on show (the actual children's work). This short movie culminates in an art gallery performance by the Blob body and a stick doll singing "under an orange sky". It is quite touching. Some of the Dolls were quite impressed and thought it was funny!
It is being refined right now, deleting some captions which are too hard to read, and adding a few early shots to establish the time and place. Input from "the real dolls" has given some new ideas.
I do intend to redo do this short movie in Adobe Premier incorporating the real children and images of the actual short film we made on shoes and legs, which was shown on the actual screen in the Wollongong art Gallery, some time ago. This will be uploaded to you tube under our name there - Megamummy
The real children (now represented as the dolls) assisted in the making of that film and were enthused and motivated when they saw it exhibited. The purpose of these efforts was to teach them that you can do anything if you are dedicated and really want to..

I hope that lesson in motivation helps them through life. I think it has.
you can view the DRAFT 1 of the movie at
if you have a look at the slideshow on the dolls art gallery on the right side on this page, you will get a better feeling for time and place.
You can view some of our work at http://community.webshots.com/user/Dollshousedolls
I am refining some of my writing for children and completing some other miniature books on Dolls in the dollshouse and adding Bilbies and Possums in the roof. (a Bilby is an endangered Australian marsupial with a hopping gait, large ears and long nose. )

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Compare the 2 images and see the digital Magic!

We've just added two images for you to compare to see how Lloyd of Vi Image can digitally improve your doll photos.

The Katie doll dirty face shows dust on the doll's face, while the digitally improved one shows work on the whites of the eyes, the lips redefined, the teeth, and even improved shadows on the left of the nose and on left inner eye.

The work done is barely discernible, but that is the magic!
That is proof of what Vi Image can do.
The top view looks so much better!

And here the Bonus..
We have a special low price for MOTHERS' DAY...a low price and a freebie mystery bonus!
if you send your photo now we can complete the transformation and return before the 5th May.. allowing you time to print copies at the photo shop near you. contact us at
Prices are: For ONE MONTH ONLY we will give you a 50% discount. A saving of $10.00. ($20.00 fee for a standard photo, now with discount..only $10.00) If your photo needs more than one hour's work we will advise the hourly rate at the same discount.
We help you to Enjoy your little treasures!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

photos in webshots

dolls art gallery and miniature sculptures. to see the pics and prices
go to http://home-and-garden.webshots.com/photo/2133758680104971355xjDLGf

or goto / dollshousedolls

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Things for sale and freebies. BE Enthused!

Here are some special items for sale, and also some freebies.
To obtain one of the freebies just email me at
sampsms @ ozemail . com . au You don't have to buy anything to receive the freebie, just add me to your address book so it doesn't go into the spam box. if and When you buy, we will send you a paypal invoice, so you can pay at a secure site.

2. E books called "Ryan rescues critter", and "Renee and the Giant Pumpkin" which includes an image of the book in miniature 1/12 size ready to print and fold. The books are original stories and each has an ISBN number. The first in the series. You can read it to your child/grandchild on your computer, or print it. You can also make your own miniature book, in 1/12 scale. $5.00 USD. please do not on-sell the miniature book. it is copyright.

3. Also selling - original primitive sculpture and original art pieces as shown. Most are made of Queensland boulder opal and are valuable just for the opal. Other sculptured pieces are in DAS or fimo and prices range from $7.00 to $70.00 AUD. The Original art has been created over a period of 30 years. most are 8x10 or 6x 4 watercolours, or black and white ink. All Numbered, unframed Limited edition copies are $7.00 USD. Never before offered.

4 and NOT TO FORGET.. Lloyd can work digital magic on your doll picture like the ones April took below. For ONE MONTH ONLY we will give you a 50% discount. A saving of $10.00. ($20.00 fee for a standard photo, now with discount..only $10.00
If your photo needs more than one hour's work we will advise the hourly rate at the same discount.

Cherami miniature colouring ebook on famous pidgeon ww1. This is free BUT must not be sold.
it includes a mini image for creating a miniature book in 1/12 scale.
Free pattern for making bagpipes and Free old newspaper - 4 pages. not to be sold.
Other freebies to come.

Mega says: "Do what you enjoy, and you will jump out of bed in the morning enthused and enthralled". Enthusiasm is catching. Enthusiasm cures most ills. Be Enthused!

Dining set without nails - sold

SORRY SOLD - This 1:12 scale dining room setting has 9 pieces plus the plates, foods, flowers, chair covers and rug as shown. The pieces include: a corner dresser, a side cupboard with opening drawers, a small mirror, a stove, a round table and 4 chairs.
They appear to have been made from a pressed ply cutout and put together without nails. email me at sampsms@ozemail.com.au if you have questions about anything on our site.

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Monday, March 16, 2009

Original Antiqued Artefacts

I've also had fun making original miniature ARTEFACTS- some from pieces of REAL boulder opal, found here in Australia. I made others from Terracotta DAS.
I'll put up a few photos on my blog .
If you'd like prices and more photos to view, just email me at sampsms@ozemail.com.au

Saturday, March 14, 2009

help - in making mini things FREE

I've been working on making realistic bacon and sirloin steak (I must be needing iron)
as well as modelling a man doll's head (stage one). (I find it very hard to buy a suitable man doll, so am making some myself from fimo and I will paint this one and add hair later. (I could use it a as an ornament on top of the piano) next one will be made in flesh colour.
I'll put up a few photos to help you.

To make good realistic meat you simply smear some craft glue onto a plastic lid. (use a glue that dries transparent.) As it dries, peel it off, still in it's soft state and shape roughly. Then apply white paint in smears where the fat would be, and add smears of dark red and lighter red nail polish.a touch of white nail polish might help.

The transparent glue is great for bacon and meat and can be cut with scissors later.

If anyone wants a pattern for making bagpipes let me know and I will post it. The fringing on the bagpipes was simply a type of knitting yarn, and perfect for carpet fringes and other effects.
It is 1:12 scale. a tip for bagpipes. Try to use a tartan which is tiny to meet 1:12 scale or else use tartan ribbon and join it if necessary. I was lucky enough to find a second hand silk blouse.

Op shops (or thrift shops /charity shops) are a great resource even for nailpolish.Nail polish is useful when making mini's. create a shine on fruit, food, or colour birds wings.. etc
You'll have a large range of colours in no time. Friends look in my bathroom cupboard and wonder at the range. Most have no idea that I never paint my nails.If I did it would not be in black,white, green, yellow, orange or purple!
Don't forget to recommend my blog to others, or link to me. I'm willing to do reciprocal links.. http://dollshousedolls.blogsot.com

Friday, March 13, 2009

Help how to make a dolls handbag or Tote bag

Someone asked how to make a tote bag in the 1/12 scale
(or handbag like the animal print one the Aunty Jewel doll is carrying.)
Here are the instructions. you can alter the size to make it smaller or larger)
re Making a mini tote bag.
note that a tote bag is simply a rectange folded into three, almost equal parts to create a front flap, a back and a front, and glued or sewed up the ends.

I prefer an insert in the ends, which I include in the instructions.

think of this: imagine a 3 1/2 inch by 1 1/2 inch rectangle.
now think of it scored into 3 across. (scored means :that is a line is marked across with a sharpish but NOT Cutting object like a pen or pointer)

Now imagine scoring and then folding a quarter inch back on both ends.
Get a piece of paper and experiment. Fold up the rectangle into the three. front flap, back and front. You might now want the front flap to be shorter.(adjust this later)
When I did this I decided that the base needed to be scored twice (1/4 of an inch apart) so the bag would sit upright.

If you were sitting next to me, you would now say, but how do I do the ends?
well, there are two options.

Option 1: is to cut two narrow pyramids 1 " high and a 1/4 inch wide. these can be glued in the sides. The handle will be glued under the front flap

Option 2: is to score under the base on the opposite side so you now have 3 score marks for the base. When you fold it, you can see the concertina of the base and realise you can simply sew up the sides or glue them.
if you want a handbag like the one on my blog..http://dollshousedolls.blogspot.com
then you just make the bag narrower and the front flap shorter. have a look at the leopard handbag, which I made last week.
Make it first in paper as a test pattern. Then use either fabric, leather or even paper.

One trick is to cut out the pattern in a coloured paper or organza, attach some "contact" or adhesive for covering school books, but leave some overlap. As you fold it up, you can then use the overlap to hold it together instead of the glue or sewing. I've added a sketch. Mega

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

There's been a makeover

Thanks to you all, I've been enthused and during of 1-2 March I did a lot and changed some of the outfits on dolls I have had for 25 years. I had blood pressure of 200/90 so I had to do something!(like escape)One of my grandsons (photographer Lloyd) called in and exclaimed "they've had a complete makeover" I had made 6 party hats, re dressed Ryan doll in hat,kilt,and leopard sporan.I also made mini bagpipes!(that was a bit tricky)The Aunty Jewel doll had the lace taken off her Edwardian dress and a new leopard hat, shawl and handbag.The Nanny doll had a zebra hat and reversible shawl, Aunty April doll had a cream silk hat and scarf put over her riding outfit.The no 2 katie doll had a zebra outfit.. hat and dress and cerise scarf, while the kitchen katie had a leopard sunhat and apron. Poor Renee doll only had a leopard hat and a brown fur wrap, while Lloyd doll settled for a leopard bag slung over his shoulder. They were all photgraphed as Vogue models and right now are waiting for some digital imaging..(these dolls were in the original Dolls Alive video- and were the same as the real children.)
Miniatures and dolls and dollshouses is a great hobby.

I found a great free printable site

I have found a great free printables site..
here is the link

At printmini you can get free printouts of newspapers, posters, cards, an unbelieveable list!

Right now I am working on original miniature books..these will be for sale as signed by the author copies, with ISBN numbers.
They are 1" in size and the first one is "Renee and the giant Pumpkin", and the second one, "Ryan and his Critter".. they will be available for $9.95 plus postage. Pay Pal only.
Contact me to place an order. sampsms @ ozemail . com . au

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Ryan doll and critter

Ryan Doll and Renee doll rescue Ryan dolls armadillo "critter" .

You can double click on the scenes in the slideshow opposite, to open in another window, then choose slideshow and see captions to follow the storyline.

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Ryan Doll's "critter" storyline

The dolls house dolls have been busy over Christmas.

One of the ducks (Jeramona Waddleduck) called out to Ryan doll and Renee doll, "the critter is in the glasshouse.. the critter has escaped.. The critter is in the glasshouse ." Jeramono was afraid that critter might eat her chicks.
Renee was the first to look in the glasshouse, then Ryan doll came to inspect.
He could see his little armadillo asleep on the bench, so he went inside to reclaim it, and carried it to the front door to show Nanny doll. While Ryan doll was talking, the little critter jumped out of his arms and ran into the lounge room.
Sean doll was about to eat a big piece of green cake and his eyes were a google! the Maid and Aunty Jewel doll looked on very disapprovingly.
The little Armadillo's brother was up on the mantle piece and the little critter was soon sitting on top of the leopard coloured wing chair. Ryan doll talked softly and patted his litle pet.
Nanny doll said she couldn't have critter in the house and worried if he might not be an armadillo and that he might grow very big.
Ryan doll put him in a cage near the chookhouse and took him to the creek daily. He grew bigger and eventually swam away to the sea. He was after all, not an armadillo , but a Dinoasaur.
Can you see who else was watching?
have a look at the slideshow.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Great dolls pics and I made the dolls!

These superb untouched photos are of some of the dolls I made from Porcelain and then dressed. The photos make them look even better than they are! (please excuse my self praise.)

The Photos were taken by Master photographer April Sampson-Kelly copyright 1986.

Her son, Lloyd Kelly, of VI images, can make your dolls look beautiful too. Contact us for prices, if you 'd like to take advantage of this rare opportunity. Have a look at the dolls below.

You can have a photo taken of your doll or you can send us a photo by email, for Lloyd to work his digital magic on. Prices are Dependent on the time and work required. Basically $25.00 (AUD) for an easy one and $40.00 (AUD) for something requiring an hour of work.
You can then take the new image to your photo print shop and print as many copies as you like. They make a great present, postcard or even on your business card. The print shop can then print them on a mug, a mouse pad, a tee shirt. even a plate!
Keep the new digital image and it's use is endless. He can even digitise a printed photo.
write to us at mailto:sampsms@ozemail.com.au for details.

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