Friday, September 18, 2009

re making miniature food

I have some little videos on as channel megamoneybox. some with dolls.
I also put up my favourite 2 min video on as dollshousedolls.
I think you can go direct via or to the video at

Food is easy to make.. the key is getting the shape right. I use fimo or das . (you could even make a home made play doh, but if it is food based, then insects might eat it!)I paint it with acrylic paints AND touch up with nail polish..clear where I want a sheen, or red/watermelon pink where it suits. This food may need some touch up.... the blue plates I used are the plastic inserts from inside a coco cola bottle. Some bottles have clear inserts and they are better.. you have to seek out some alchohol bottle caps to find them. I'm not a drinker and people think it strange when I want the bottle caps or tops... scroll down for a picture of bacon and meat.. you use craft glue, smear it onto a piece of plastic and when hard, peel off and paint with nail polish... (if the nail polish is old and thick, simply add some nail polish remover to thin it down) Just remember, your first efforts might not be marvellous, but the more you do , the better the result. Be kind to yourself.. it doesn't have to be perfect! I'm putting up a few more pictures of food. I like making boxes and little calico bags of flour etc...