Saturday, August 8, 2009

More progress - a closer peek

Yesterday, I purchased a lovely miniature Japanese doll on a round music box, and 3 barbies.
The Japanese doll has a beautiful face, and is the perfect dolls house size. When I removed it from the music box, it was found to have legs made of used paper with Japanese writing, and the music box has a Japanese tune.
Two of the Barbies were made in 1966 and one male Barbie dated 1968.. all for less than $10.00 . Now what to make as a theme story.. any ideas?
I am not a Barbie or Doll collector, but when I see them virtually thrown out, I feel I want to rescue them. Not to mention that they look like the ones my children had!
Rose rang yesterday and said she had a box of Polly Pocket stuff donated to the club 2 days ago and it had 64 pairs of tiny shoes and 14 odds!. I bought it all, and it included 33 dolls, a hotel, 2 cars, 150 garments, plus furniture and odds. Furniture the size to fit into the white teapot, shown on the DollTate Modern art Gallery video (link on the side column) ..even a chaise lounge... The teapot is another story waiting in the wings. When I looked in K mart at the Polly Pocket stuff it was about $10.00 a dressed doll, so all this was a real bargain. .there was even a tiny wee video camera..which I coloured black with a texta (or black marker.) and it looks great. You can use textas and coloured pens to dye lace, bags, shoes and mini food. etc.
I've spent the last two weeks editing a tape. (my real partnership work place- which includes tax accty and share trading. go to the blog http://megamoneybox.blogspot/ and for free tips)
The tape was 90 mins of noisy footage edited down to 35 mins, then not being able to save it.
I then cut it into 6 mins on worm farms and was able to get it up on to , not a bad effort for a ten year old bit of video.
You can see it and the other ones with Lloyd, Renee and Izzy with Gordon the Gardener, learning about worms. The dolls even have a short video on their experience with worm farms. We've also been working on the cooking video but it's not for show yet.
go to (I was practising on Permaculturevisions videos, so I can use the test stuff later.) I had many problems ranging from the editing to saving with not enough memory, to exporting in a format which then had to be converted on the other computer. There were about 20 choices, and I had to sort out which one would work and give the best result for a mix of SVHS and Digital HD video. It felt like I had exhausted my mind, so I left it all for a few days, then I found the video player was getting the videos stuck!!!
(I haven't quite lost my marbles yet, but they are certainly getting muddled up! )
Today I had major computer breakdown and lost all start, desktop and linkages, on my main Dell computer (my own fault for stopping a restore process) luckily I found my way partly out and my son in law, Paul, advised me over the phone. I almost forgot to mention I made a blog for the Wollongong dolls club.