about us

We/I started this blog as a reference to creating our own Dolls dvd, and also to talk about improving our Doll and Mini Photos!

Like most creative people we like to show you how to create your own little masterpieces, and at the same time learn a few tips ourselves.

The film editing has been thawted by technical problems,(mixing analogue with dvd) and we've become a bit overburdened with work. So somehow the creativity of the various projects has left centre stage.

To make a film, you need your storyboard, then your sets, then actors (Dolls)then sound. then editing space and time..The discipline and rigidity of the process takes over.

Also working in a vacuum is extra difficult.

When I made Doll Tate Gallery, I started with a song which I had permission to use..then created stick/blob people, art gallery sets from my own sculpture and paintings. The film progresses as the dolls wander the gallery and see various items, and then experience the blob song performance. This little film was pure creativity. it took on a life of its own, and had an emotional effect on the viewers.

Since then, I've been escaping by making other objects,and sets, and realise I haven't really been pursuing the original goal. But that's Ok. There's been good reason. several in fact.

A series of little films, which I enjoy and which delight, suit me just as much.
I hope they delight you too. I'll post more as time goes on..

you can see the slideshow on the homepage of this blog. http://Dollshousedolls.blogspot.com