Monday, October 19, 2009

Some people ask me where do I purchase the furniture

Some people ask me where do I purchase the furniture and miniature items. I don't intend to promote or support individual businesses but I can say the kitchen furniture, the tv console and sound, the dinner set of knives and forks and pink serviettes etc etc were purchased on EBay from Eurekaonlinestore. at
I have purchased from other sellers, but Eureka have given great service and when I compare their products with comparable products in the US they are so much cheaper. I ask for combined postage and that helps to reduce the price.
I also source op shops (charity shops) and make many of the pieces myself.
I made some blocks of chocolate nested in a piece of gold paper, and was quite delighted when one of my Daughters asked where didi I buy it... (see pics at side)
At the moment the editing of the DVD is behind schedule, so I have decided to re- edit to mini segments, very short pieces 2.5-4 mins long. you can see some of my shorts on you tube, under the name of Megamoneybox. There I have a range of good and not so good. I'm called Megamoneybox because I am a small share trader trying to raise the funds to create my artistic work.
You can get the occasional free share tip on my other blog at
You can earn money to buy things... (even in these tough economic times.)