Monday, December 8, 2008

Great dolls pics and I made the dolls!

These superb untouched photos are of some of the dolls I made from Porcelain and then dressed. The photos make them look even better than they are! (please excuse my self praise.)

The Photos were taken by Master photographer April Sampson-Kelly copyright 1986.

Her son, Lloyd Kelly, of VI images, can make your dolls look beautiful too. Contact us for prices, if you 'd like to take advantage of this rare opportunity. Have a look at the dolls below.

You can have a photo taken of your doll or you can send us a photo by email, for Lloyd to work his digital magic on. Prices are Dependent on the time and work required. Basically $25.00 (AUD) for an easy one and $40.00 (AUD) for something requiring an hour of work.
You can then take the new image to your photo print shop and print as many copies as you like. They make a great present, postcard or even on your business card. The print shop can then print them on a mug, a mouse pad, a tee shirt. even a plate!
Keep the new digital image and it's use is endless. He can even digitise a printed photo.
write to us at for details.

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