Sunday, January 11, 2009

Ryan Doll's "critter" storyline

The dolls house dolls have been busy over Christmas.

One of the ducks (Jeramona Waddleduck) called out to Ryan doll and Renee doll, "the critter is in the glasshouse.. the critter has escaped.. The critter is in the glasshouse ." Jeramono was afraid that critter might eat her chicks.
Renee was the first to look in the glasshouse, then Ryan doll came to inspect.
He could see his little armadillo asleep on the bench, so he went inside to reclaim it, and carried it to the front door to show Nanny doll. While Ryan doll was talking, the little critter jumped out of his arms and ran into the lounge room.
Sean doll was about to eat a big piece of green cake and his eyes were a google! the Maid and Aunty Jewel doll looked on very disapprovingly.
The little Armadillo's brother was up on the mantle piece and the little critter was soon sitting on top of the leopard coloured wing chair. Ryan doll talked softly and patted his litle pet.
Nanny doll said she couldn't have critter in the house and worried if he might not be an armadillo and that he might grow very big.
Ryan doll put him in a cage near the chookhouse and took him to the creek daily. He grew bigger and eventually swam away to the sea. He was after all, not an armadillo , but a Dinoasaur.
Can you see who else was watching?
have a look at the slideshow.