Sunday, April 11, 2010

tips on how to make miniature food

Recently I have seen some great works of art made from icing.
Tiny people and even ginger bread houses, as well as beautifully decorated patty cakes.
But, I can't bear to eat them, (therefore destroy them), and of course they are no good as decoration, because they will become an attraction for insects and even mice

It is so easy to make miniature food in plaster filler, which has the same consistency and can be coloured with food coloring.
Plaster filler is available at hardware shops, is cheap and you can either mix your own or buy it ready mixed.
It is cheaper then FIMO or DAS, and is slightly thinner, so it can be piped and painted with water colours.

So have a go at making some miniature patty cakes for you miniature dolls!