Saturday, March 20, 2010

We've been playing with ideas.!

Creativity begins with a blank page. Ideas don't always materialize straight away.

For me, creativity is often sparked by an idea, a picture, a natural object.
Recently I saw a tv program on "close the gap" which is a philanthropic organisation dedicated to helping close the poverty gap between aboriginal and white societies.
It had some big sporting names and heaps of public servants irrelevant white paper pages. I nearly gave up.

BUT THEN I saw their Schaffers. so what is a schaffer? it is a squashed round wood object with two legs. A South Australian company called created a competition for artists to make a group of schaffers for an art exhibition and for sale to help the close the gap cause.

They held their first sale last June.

So I started playing and created Smirks .. who are very smirky. "smirky smirks" they make you smile. they are made of clay or sawdust and glue, or wood ...whatever ..

a similar flattened ball with legs.

They spark the imagination. and ignite creativity. and these could create quite a cash cow for a deserving charity. So here are some of my Smirky Smirks. Here' a few pics.

contact me for fundraising ideas.
(Smirky Smirks are copyright 2010 to M A Sampson Australia 61 2 42 285774)