Monday, March 1, 2010

Someone asked me about the Photos

A friend asked me about the backgrounds used in the photos.
The DollYogue bridal photos were all my original art work. for example, Doll Renee rides her black horse at the seaside.. The background is a painting of mine and it works well. I could have used a photo of the shore, but I preferred the painting.
Other times I used a little "stage" where I positioned the dolls as if they were in a photographic studio.
In the slideshow of the Doll Tate art gallery, all the mini paintings are my work and the sculptures are my own work too.
Some of the dolls have been repainted to represent the real children, while others have been molded by me. In the slideshow way down, are Aprils doll photos. I painted all these reproduction dolls.(except the french one), as well as the mini food and clothing. You are looking at collections which I have added to and created over a period of 25 years..