Monday, March 1, 2010

Time flies and sometimes things go wrong!

I wanted to enter the Cannes film festival with a short film, but everything has conspired to stop me. Work beckoned with financial rewards that I couldn't refuse, but with deadlines. It was full pelt for over 3 weeks, and continues. Working from a home office, and being my own master and my own slave! I write technical documents which meet international quality standards, which is much like one notices unless it's not done, or you fail an inspection.
My eyesight has numerous problems and I paid with painful eyes.
Then computer and technical difficulties and mistakes caused a few " Gosh, Darn, and even Blankety Hecks!" So now I have to stop.

I am relaxing, de-stressing and writing about my latest projects. My miniature original book collection - DollYogue magazine - summer Bridal edition. ($5.00 US digital PDF or $7.00 posted in real magazine format 2.5 cms x 3 cms or 1" x 1.25")

Real Izzabella (now 13) has been designing some fashion garments for a Dollshousedolls original paper doll..and real Lloyd (now 19) is fine tuning the pics and creating a nice ready to print doll and clothes. ($5.00 USD) I'll put up some interim pics.
Real Katie made a short visit from England, and she said "I am so thrilled to be on the cover of DollYogue- it's such a cute magazine". Real Renee didn't like her bridal photos, but she was pleased with her mini alter ego -Doll Renee, as a bridesmaid, riding a black horse on the sea shore... I have also created a Mega multi pattern for bridal outfits to suit a dollshouse 1:12 -5" miniature doll. It contains 4 bodices, 4 skirts, 4 sleeves, train, headband, donut frills, V belt, etc etc. you can enlarge it on the printer for a bigger doll. PDF file. Same price $5.00 USD.
Thanks for looking and enjoy your hobbies and interests.