Friday, January 28, 2011

Great finds at charity shops

I read with interest posts on some of the yahoo miniature groups, and thought I should share a recent find.
This one was at a charity shop..It was a medium sized glass jar with a thick dome lid, and inside you could see a fridge magnet of a little girl, perched against a craft- made fence of paddle pop sticks.. There was a ceramic dog at her feet and some grass, as well as some tiny white pebbles.
I paid $3.00 for it, and I could see that the salesperson thought it was a heap of junk..but to me the girl and the fence were perfect for my miniature garden - real tiny plants and walkway - growing in a fish tank, about 18 inches by 12. The ceramic cocker spaniel dog was of good quality and I knew I could use the white pebbles in a future zen garden, and of course the jar, when washed was used for storage in my kitchen!

I'm including here some photos of the mini garden. I've had to weed it recently because it's summer here in Australia and the tiny plants have been growing madly.

Enjoy your hobby and relax in your miniature space.

kind regards, Mega

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