Monday, April 20, 2009

Our Dolls at Dolls house dolls have been busy

We've completed the first draft of a 2 minute movie called
"Dolls visit the DollTate modern art gallery".
The idea came about when my eldest daughter April, and grandson Lloyd, reminded me of our visit to the Tate modern Art Gallery in England in 2004. I had been quite excited by the exposure to new ideas and "thinking outside of the box". I was also very impressed by similar artworks in Paris. Prior to that, I had probably been less than appreciative of modern art and it's influence on how we see the world.

This experimental draft movie was made from several hundred still photos using Picasa 3- a free program. (you should download and try it!)
The movie shows the dolls visiting the DollTATe modern art gallery and viewing rooms containing some of the images of the Blob Body, some artefact's and paintings. (all original works by Megan A Sampson)
The Doll Nanny has her own paintings and sculptures on exhibit and there are also some of the dolls paintings on show (the actual children's work). This short movie culminates in an art gallery performance by the Blob body and a stick doll singing "under an orange sky". It is quite touching. Some of the Dolls were quite impressed and thought it was funny!
It is being refined right now, deleting some captions which are too hard to read, and adding a few early shots to establish the time and place. Input from "the real dolls" has given some new ideas.
I do intend to redo do this short movie in Adobe Premier incorporating the real children and images of the actual short film we made on shoes and legs, which was shown on the actual screen in the Wollongong art Gallery, some time ago. This will be uploaded to you tube under our name there - Megamummy
The real children (now represented as the dolls) assisted in the making of that film and were enthused and motivated when they saw it exhibited. The purpose of these efforts was to teach them that you can do anything if you are dedicated and really want to..

I hope that lesson in motivation helps them through life. I think it has.
you can view the DRAFT 1 of the movie at
if you have a look at the slideshow on the dolls art gallery on the right side on this page, you will get a better feeling for time and place.
You can view some of our work at
I am refining some of my writing for children and completing some other miniature books on Dolls in the dollshouse and adding Bilbies and Possums in the roof. (a Bilby is an endangered Australian marsupial with a hopping gait, large ears and long nose. )