Tuesday, March 10, 2009

There's been a makeover

Thanks to you all, I've been enthused and during of 1-2 March I did a lot and changed some of the outfits on dolls I have had for 25 years. I had blood pressure of 200/90 so I had to do something!(like escape)One of my grandsons (photographer Lloyd) called in and exclaimed "they've had a complete makeover" I had made 6 party hats, re dressed Ryan doll in hat,kilt,and leopard sporan.I also made mini bagpipes!(that was a bit tricky)The Aunty Jewel doll had the lace taken off her Edwardian dress and a new leopard hat, shawl and handbag.The Nanny doll had a zebra hat and reversible shawl, Aunty April doll had a cream silk hat and scarf put over her riding outfit.The no 2 katie doll had a zebra outfit.. hat and dress and cerise scarf, while the kitchen katie had a leopard sunhat and apron. Poor Renee doll only had a leopard hat and a brown fur wrap, while Lloyd doll settled for a leopard bag slung over his shoulder. They were all photgraphed as Vogue models and right now are waiting for some digital imaging..(these dolls were in the original Dolls Alive video- and were the same as the real children.)
Miniatures and dolls and dollshouses is a great hobby.