Friday, March 13, 2009

Help how to make a dolls handbag or Tote bag

Someone asked how to make a tote bag in the 1/12 scale
(or handbag like the animal print one the Aunty Jewel doll is carrying.)
Here are the instructions. you can alter the size to make it smaller or larger)
re Making a mini tote bag.
note that a tote bag is simply a rectange folded into three, almost equal parts to create a front flap, a back and a front, and glued or sewed up the ends.

I prefer an insert in the ends, which I include in the instructions.

think of this: imagine a 3 1/2 inch by 1 1/2 inch rectangle.
now think of it scored into 3 across. (scored means :that is a line is marked across with a sharpish but NOT Cutting object like a pen or pointer)

Now imagine scoring and then folding a quarter inch back on both ends.
Get a piece of paper and experiment. Fold up the rectangle into the three. front flap, back and front. You might now want the front flap to be shorter.(adjust this later)
When I did this I decided that the base needed to be scored twice (1/4 of an inch apart) so the bag would sit upright.

If you were sitting next to me, you would now say, but how do I do the ends?
well, there are two options.

Option 1: is to cut two narrow pyramids 1 " high and a 1/4 inch wide. these can be glued in the sides. The handle will be glued under the front flap

Option 2: is to score under the base on the opposite side so you now have 3 score marks for the base. When you fold it, you can see the concertina of the base and realise you can simply sew up the sides or glue them.
if you want a handbag like the one on my blog..
then you just make the bag narrower and the front flap shorter. have a look at the leopard handbag, which I made last week.
Make it first in paper as a test pattern. Then use either fabric, leather or even paper.

One trick is to cut out the pattern in a coloured paper or organza, attach some "contact" or adhesive for covering school books, but leave some overlap. As you fold it up, you can then use the overlap to hold it together instead of the glue or sewing. I've added a sketch. Mega