Thursday, March 19, 2009

Things for sale and freebies. BE Enthused!

Here are some special items for sale, and also some freebies.
To obtain one of the freebies just email me at
sampsms @ ozemail . com . au You don't have to buy anything to receive the freebie, just add me to your address book so it doesn't go into the spam box. if and When you buy, we will send you a paypal invoice, so you can pay at a secure site.

2. E books called "Ryan rescues critter", and "Renee and the Giant Pumpkin" which includes an image of the book in miniature 1/12 size ready to print and fold. The books are original stories and each has an ISBN number. The first in the series. You can read it to your child/grandchild on your computer, or print it. You can also make your own miniature book, in 1/12 scale. $5.00 USD. please do not on-sell the miniature book. it is copyright.

3. Also selling - original primitive sculpture and original art pieces as shown. Most are made of Queensland boulder opal and are valuable just for the opal. Other sculptured pieces are in DAS or fimo and prices range from $7.00 to $70.00 AUD. The Original art has been created over a period of 30 years. most are 8x10 or 6x 4 watercolours, or black and white ink. All Numbered, unframed Limited edition copies are $7.00 USD. Never before offered.

4 and NOT TO FORGET.. Lloyd can work digital magic on your doll picture like the ones April took below. For ONE MONTH ONLY we will give you a 50% discount. A saving of $10.00. ($20.00 fee for a standard photo, now with discount..only $10.00
If your photo needs more than one hour's work we will advise the hourly rate at the same discount.

Cherami miniature colouring ebook on famous pidgeon ww1. This is free BUT must not be sold.
it includes a mini image for creating a miniature book in 1/12 scale.
Free pattern for making bagpipes and Free old newspaper - 4 pages. not to be sold.
Other freebies to come.

Mega says: "Do what you enjoy, and you will jump out of bed in the morning enthused and enthralled". Enthusiasm is catching. Enthusiasm cures most ills. Be Enthused!