Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The superior dollhouse- Wiltshire

The Wiltshire dolls house is coming along nicely. I'll include a few photos here.
The detail and the workmanship is incredible. Just look at the hand made staircase and the oval doors. This house can be purchased completed, and delivered to your site. Contact us for details.

We'll add a slideshow later.

The plans are available as an ebook for $7.00. The funds from this ebook willbe donated to a charity for the blind. Just write to our email and put in the header "Dolls house plans". We will send you an invoice with a pay pal button and the e-book.
Review and click pay, it's all automatic.

We have plans for other dolls houses which you can buy for $2.00, and even links to some for free! Just write to sampsms@ozemail.com.au