Sunday, August 3, 2008

Dolls house dolls blog is about miniatures

This site is purely about being creative and enjoying the world of miniatures.

We have doll house plans FREE and great photos of our doll's house dolls, furniture, etc.
Currently, we are working on a serious dolls house called "Wiltshire".

This is for the serious collectors only. The plan is in an ebook cost $7.00, and we have a carpenter who could make it for you, but it is not cheap!
The Photo shows why! This house is ideal as a display in a childrens' or baby shop.

We can send you plans for other smaller houses and even one which is a one roomer.
We are working on a dolls' house video and it will be available soon.
write to Mega

Check out our photos and also have a look at the pictures of Queen Mary's dolls house -
c 1921 - the ultimate in doll house design and miniatures.
Google it to see more.
We will share links and information on Doll houses and where to find miniatures etc in Australia.


We have other serious blogs and our other webpages.

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