Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Wiltshire Manor house is finished.

The Dolls house is Delivered!
The Wiltshire Manor dolls house is finished and delivered. It needs a coat of stain on the shingles and windows and a second coat of paint on the interior. Wallpaper and floor coverings have to chosen and much time will be spent enjoying this house. It is impossible to calculate the pleasure a house of this Quality can give. I've had fun making the garden, the chookhouse and birds, the miniature paintings and even the leopard covered wing and lounge chairs.

I can help you to source furniture and accessories. I have some furniture for sale, but not the pieces in the slideshow. We need these and the dolls for our dollshouse video/DVD which is still in the making.

I have included a few shots of the glass and wood greenhouse, with plants. this is a seperate item and can be purchased (without doll) for 125.00 USD. plus postage, depending on where you live. The glasshouse is a real pleasure in itself. it is the size of a one room, while The Wiltshire Manor house is 3 storeys high and has 7/8 rooms, depending on whether you chose to use the room divider to make the ensuite.

The stairwell in the front leads to the 2nd floor and the the stairs were all handmade. The windows were pre fabricated and go up and down. (essential in my view. )

YOU can purchase this house on an 8 week delivery basis, and the price is $2399.00 USD via Pay pal plus delivery costs. We will accept a 10% deposit, and delivery price is subject to where you live. Australia only unless special arrangements are made.

Remember this is a superior house, and is all handmade. The house will not include curved doorway or curved windows, because these took too long to make. You can choose not to have the timber panelling exterior, and further reduce the weight by not having the shingles.
The design was altered to seperate the house into two sections. It takes approx one metre square floor space, and you need a table to place it on, with room to move around to the back where you can open the other rooms.

We can send you our (unedited video) of the house in progress. (haven't had time to edit this yet. just write and ask for the details.)

contact me below or by email at and write Wiltshire dolls house in the header, so I know it's not just spam. You can also telephone on 61 2 42 285774
We accept Pay pal for deposit, and progress payments are acceptable. We will send you a Pay Pal invoice. This house is not to be missed. It has taken 200 hours to make the prototype from a pattern which lay in the drawer for 30 years. We can send you the pattern for $7.00 USD, but it is not easy and much better to have one made.

Have a look at the slideshow...
Enjoy. Be capitivated. Be transported to another time and place.