Friday, September 26, 2008

We needed a chookhouse

We needed a chookhouse for our chickens and geese. A pidgeon managed to get herself a perch and a carpet snake is slithering up on the top shelf. Everything is handpainted and handmade. Some of the pieces are made of DAS, a self hardening clay which comes in teracotta and white. Other pieces like the pond and the green garden that the three birds are resting on is made of paper mache from an egg carton.
I do like to use FIMO for the birds. You mold and cook it in the oven or the microwave.
Doll house miniatures encompass all art skills.
It s a very absorbing hobby and enjoyable.

If you enlarge the image, you will see 3 little yellow chickens by the pond and a little turtle.

The dolls are modelled on the real children, and the VHS footage shows them dressed in the same outfits. Right now we are making a DVD for children to enjoy.
One of the real children, Ryan, found a turtle and put it in the pond at home.
He said that it was a turtle, not a tortoise because it had webbed feet. He was only 4.

If you would like to read my chicken stories, go to
and look at the children's pages.
In our doll house movie you will see our dolls learning to grow plants,
and become sustainable.
We use chickens and geese in our permaculture garden.
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