Saturday, March 14, 2009

help - in making mini things FREE

I've been working on making realistic bacon and sirloin steak (I must be needing iron)
as well as modelling a man doll's head (stage one). (I find it very hard to buy a suitable man doll, so am making some myself from fimo and I will paint this one and add hair later. (I could use it a as an ornament on top of the piano) next one will be made in flesh colour.
I'll put up a few photos to help you.

To make good realistic meat you simply smear some craft glue onto a plastic lid. (use a glue that dries transparent.) As it dries, peel it off, still in it's soft state and shape roughly. Then apply white paint in smears where the fat would be, and add smears of dark red and lighter red nail polish.a touch of white nail polish might help.

The transparent glue is great for bacon and meat and can be cut with scissors later.

If anyone wants a pattern for making bagpipes let me know and I will post it. The fringing on the bagpipes was simply a type of knitting yarn, and perfect for carpet fringes and other effects.
It is 1:12 scale. a tip for bagpipes. Try to use a tartan which is tiny to meet 1:12 scale or else use tartan ribbon and join it if necessary. I was lucky enough to find a second hand silk blouse.

Op shops (or thrift shops /charity shops) are a great resource even for nailpolish.Nail polish is useful when making mini's. create a shine on fruit, food, or colour birds wings.. etc
You'll have a large range of colours in no time. Friends look in my bathroom cupboard and wonder at the range. Most have no idea that I never paint my nails.If I did it would not be in black,white, green, yellow, orange or purple!
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